China Horizon Investments Group


The emergence of China over the past twenty years has set the stage for what is perhaps, the largest, long-term investment opportunity of all time. We believe that investing in China over the next few years will yield outstanding returns for investors.

Amidst this background, China Horizon Investments Group, was founded in January 2007 by an accomplished group of entrepreneurs, with a single-minded focus: to capitalize on growing domestic Chinese consumption. After careful thought on how to enter the market, the path we have chosen is to partner with the Chinese Government or government entities, wherever possible, and to use existing state-owned infrastructure to create new revenue streams in partnership with the owners, for the benefit of all parties including the Chinese people.

The value we bring to our projects is: access to strategic capital and expertise, innovative ideas and technology, and the ability to execute on a scalable basis, as well as an impressive array of Chinese and global relationships that have been built over many years in international investment, trade and finance.